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Breeding & Raising Angora Rabbits & Finnish Landrace  Sheep

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We are a small fiber farm located on the beautiful south shore of Long Island. We raise Giant/English hybrid Angoras and Finnish Landrace sheep. We believe in feeding quality food and raising our animals with great care in a loving environment. We are proud to offer a quality fiber and yarns for the spinner and knitter.
 We are the only breeder of Finnish Landrace sheep on Long Island. A heritage breed of medium size with wool in the fine category. Learn more about the breed here http://www.finnsheep.org. Our Angora rabbits are bred for temperament and color. Breeding only once a year allows us to offer a quality rabbit for your fiber needs.

 27 & 28

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Southern Adirondack

Fiber Festival

Washington County Fairgrounds


10-5 Sat. & Sun.

Garden State Sheep & Fiber Festival

Hunterdon County Fair Grounds


9-6 Sat. 10-4 Sun

Stay tuned for our Fall Collection of yarns